What's standing in the way of a Supernatural reunion?

Adhering to rumblings of a Supernatural reunion, Jared Padalecki shares the one matter standing in the way in which of it actually going down.

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Supernatural got here to a shut in 2020 simply after fifteen seasons, which is a hell of a function for any reside-motion present, however supporters would nonetheless like to see a reunion of the Winchesters.

There have been rumblings of a Supernatural reunion, and in accordance to Jared Padalecki, the one matter standing in the way in which is time. “It’s not that I haven’t considerably considered as doing it, my one reply is after all. It’s timing. It's availability,” Padalecki claimed although talking with Collider. “Jensen and I actually really feel so strongly about our reveal that we skilled for 15 a few years alongside each other that we don’t wanna simply do it, simply to do it. We don’t wanna go, ‘Hey, I've two months off in June. Allow us to go upfront and shoot 10 web pages a day, simply so we are able to have some extra info.’

Padalecki ongoing, “If and when Supernatural will come again, it'll be a labor of like, and we’re gonna put each hour in to make assured that it's as respectable to the canon and to the fandom and to the story and to the individuals as possible. So, my quick treatment is it's not a thought, the reply is sure . I simply have no idea after I’m supplied. I don’t know when he’s obtainable. However as soon as once more, my answer is sure.

The Supernatural franchise with The Winchesters, a prequel assortment centering on Sam and Dean’s mother and pop, however the sequence was cancelled following a single interval. The producers tried to find a brand new property for the sequence, however no a single was desperate to determine on it up, significantly because the Hollywood strikes had been in complete swing. In a assertion on the time, Jensen Ackles stated: “To all of you who watched, adopted, and supported this story, THANK YOU. And to all individuals who introduced this show to life…I couldn't be rather more happy with what all of us did collectively. However as they are saying…timing is nearly every part. With a big Community shift coupled with an market strike…welp…that’s some regrettable timing. Snooze very properly expensive Winchesters… till we meet as soon as extra. Someplace down the road.

When it comes to a Supernatural reunion, some may presumably say that the gathering lasted prolonged sufficient, however the Supernatural fanbase is extremely passionate and could be much more than eager to shell out just a bit much more time with Sam and Dean.

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