Tom Selleck gave $1000 bonuses to Magnum P.I. crew

Instantly after the studio refused to take action, Tom Selleck gave the crew of Magnum P.I. bonuses of $1000 from his have earnings.

Tom Selleck, Magnum P.I.

In Tom Selleck’s currently unveiled memoir, You On no account Know (via Business Insider), he reveals how he gave the crew of Magnum P.I. bonuses of $1000 after the studio refused.

Tom Selleck was within the means of renegotiating his contract with CBS for what can be the eighth and closing yr of Magnum P.I. The studio skilled diminished the spending plan of the sequence, however Selleck wished them to conform to an eight-day plan as completely as a reward for the crew in the event that they had been able to ship beneath funds. “The studio talked about definitely to the 8 days. However they responded that they might not beneath any circumstances discuss crew bonuses, that it will established a harmful precedent,” Selleck reported. “They often invoked precedent if you had an first thought of past their contractual boilerplate. Honestly, that pissed me off.

As an alternative of stopping it, Selleck pushed the studio a “sizeable” reward to him, which they by pure means agreed to, and when the interval had completed capturing, he set his program in motion along with his agent and legal professional. “I often known as Skip [Brittenham] and Bettye [McCart] and defined to them to inform Widespread — not inquire them notify them — to drawback thousand-greenback checks to simply about each regular member of our ‘Magnum’ agency within the two Hawaii and LA,” Selleck spelled out. “And that as a result of it was popping out of my bonus {dollars}, there was no precedent included.” The studio had no resolution however to do it, and Selleck acquired a pleasing thanks from the crew.

When the checks got here out, I acquired {a photograph} from our L.A. crew standing on a bleacher with enormous smiles on their faces,” Selleck mentioned. “In entrance of them was a extraordinarily large outsized try for a thousand {dollars}. The caption under browse, ‘Thanks, Tom. What a ‘grand’ gesture.’ That produced me happy.

Tom Selleck now stars in Blue Bloods, however it was introduced closing week that the very long-working sequence can be coming to an cease with its 14th yr. “For the earlier 13 a number of years, it has been an honor and a privilege to perform on a show that not solely celebrates the fellows and gals who safe and supply in New York City, but in addition exhibited the importance of family,” Selleck claimed in an announcement. “Doing work along with these unimaginable actors, writers, producers, directors, and crew has been a aspiration come true and I’m grateful to have been a ingredient of this wonderful workforce for in extra of 275 episodes.

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