Sarah Snook welcomes audiences into a unusual and nightmarishly stunning earth in the Memoir of a Snail teaser trailer

Adam Elliott’s Memoir of a Snail teaser trailer presents a darkish and bizarrely magnificent animated earth of divergent paths. out?v=Evs57WphBG4

When you’re wanting for additional than defiant princesses, Minions, and martial arts-wielding animals, indie animation is where you can encounter a thing exterior the box. Luckily, Madman and IFC Movies are below to current the Memoir of a Snail teaser trailer, which previews a beautifully unusual-wanting animated function from Academy Award-successful director Adam Elliot (Harvie Kumpet, Mary and Max).

In the Memoir of a Snail teaser trailer, Grace Pudle is separated from her twin brother Gilbert following their parents’ fatalities. However for Grace, points really do not get much much better right after that, and the only a single who will listen to her tragic tale is a backyard garden snail named Sylvia.

Here’s the official synopsis for Memoir of a Snail:

“Grace Pudel is a lonely misfit with an affinity for gathering ornamental snails and an powerful adore for textbooks. At a younger age, when Grace is separated from her twin brother Gilbert, she falls into a spiral of panic and angst. Regardless of a ongoing collection of hardships, inspiration and hope emerge when she strikes up an enduring friendship with an aged eccentric lady named Pinky, who is complete of grit and lust for lifetime. From Academy Award-profitable animation author and director Adam Elliot, Memoir of a Snail is a poignant, heartfelt, hilarious chronicle of the lifestyle of an outsider getting her self confidence and silver linings among the litter of each day lifetime.”

Speaking with Wide range, Elliot confessed his movies are often semi-autobiographical by declaring, “I gravitate towards the underdog. People who are perceived as various, marginalized. I am not interested in heroes. It is probably because I am in the end building movies about myself. I truly empathize and establish with my figures.”

“The real truth is, they are all based mostly on serious men and women: they just take place to be my household and pals. In [previous film] ‘Mary and Max,’ Max was primarily based on my pen pal, who is however alive. ‘Memoir of a Snail’ has a ton of my mom. We simply call her a ‘reformed hoarder,’ but she nonetheless collects.”

Memoir of a Snail, teaser trailer, Madman
Memoir of a Snail, teaser, Adam Elliott

The Memoir of a Snail teaser trailer depicts a dreary, nightmarish planet populated by emotionally charged characters. It provides Tim Burton and Mercer Mayer’s Minimal Monster vibes, with a touch of Lemony Snicket’s A Sequence of Unfortunate Activities. In addition to Sarah Snook (Succession), the film stars the voices of Eric Bana (The Dry), Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Electricity of the Dog), Jacki Weaver (Silver Linings Playbook), Magda Szubanski (Babe), Dominique Pinon (Amélie), Tony Armstrong (The Pool Area with Tony Armstrong), and Nick Cave (The Proposition).

What do you believe about the Memoir of a Snail teaser trailer? It appears to be like oddly entertaining and creepy. I’m all about it. I appreciate it when a new, intriguing animated film emerges from nowhere. I’ll be adding this to my have to-observe list for 2024. Memoir of a Snail comes in theaters afterwards this 12 months.

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